“Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy” Book Review Post

In Lessig’s book, the argument is made that corporations have to rethink their approach to dealing with copyright laws as technology and culture change. The old methods of zero tolerance aren’t adaptable and in fact misses on other experiences to make money. 

Many artists today create work by sampling and drawing from other sources to create a new experience never thought of before. This needs to be recognized and guided, not shutdown. Bowlderizing new art is harmful to the development of art and turns the people against the powers that be. 

The Creative Commons was created as an easier, more accessible means to claiming ownership, but in ways that allows flexibility and hybrid means to creating value, weather it be monetary or social. 

This book would connect with the net neutrality media we’ve been seeing lately. Although it’s not a perfect parallel, it draws on the themes of the people wanting media and arts to go one way, but corporations ignoring the will of the people and attempting to lobby the government to keep the money in their own pockets. 

Learning about the hybrid economies was really illuminating. Lessig talks about the different ways there can be user driven websites that still can be monetized, but don’t interfere too much with the experience of the average user. People can congregate for something like the Harry Potter Fan Club to talk about literature they like, and corporations can embrace this because it’s free marketing for them in a lot of ways. It’s going to be interesting to see where the balance between people/corporations/money/freedom is going to rest in ten years, especially with a population more educated into technology and it’s ability to express. 

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