Final Project Proposal: Arts Agora

With insecurities in the developing and existing artistic industry, students face a daunting and unsure future within their majors and passions. Although there is no guarantee or easy way in, there are still promising stories of numerous hardworking Columbia students whose success has surpassed the norms.


Arts Agora: creating a webspace for Columbia students and alumni to showcase upcoming projects, successes, success stories, how to break into the industry etc..


           This will be a space specifically for Columbia students, to try and raise morale and show that people in our chosen fields can be successful and show how they do it.


We will create a Tumblr, create a logo, create an email account, and a twitter. Other venues of social media are still being explored. . Arts Agora will include interviews, pictures of completed works and works in progress of grads, professionals, maybe even feature students- updates on where they are and their plans and other relevant information. Make it about current students as well. (Maybe have submissions, feature someone once a week/month).


           We need to find and research successful Columbia grads and professionals willing to communicate with us and talk about their successes (what they did to get where they are). We will each research some people we think might be interested in this project and try to interview them.

Team Responsibilities

           Stephanie- Co-Social Media Consultant/Graphic Designer, logo, tumblr,


           Gene- Twitter, Quality/Talent Control,


           Anne Marie- Co-Social Media Consultant


Tim B – Motion Graphics, C.O.O.


Digital Assets




Gmail :


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