Reaction to A Remix Manifesto

As a filmmaker who has an inclination for screenwriting, witnessing how powerful corporations will protect their property in aggressive ways is scary. Movies should be inclusive and draw upon things from culture to create a complete story. Being able to reference new technology, classic music, events or symbols, I believe, creates a modern cinema experience. Film also has the ability to criticize. If entities protected by law can only be accessed when the medium gives a positive meaning of said entity, then corporations will be able to slant the peoples perspective. Without criticism, people are unaware of cultural problems, corporations diminishing our rights, the state of the government, and so on. Although I do believe that people should get recognition of their work and be paid if reused or sample to some degree, I think ultimately the balance that the world will find will result in the corporations losing their ability to strong arm smaller groups of people into submission. I support capitalism as a viable source of economy, but the people need to participate in measures that balances the powers corporations have and set a standard where money isn’t the only incentive behind decisions. 

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