“The Political Power of Social Media” Writeup

Interesting that the author recognizes how revolutions and political changes have occurred to social media like the one in Thailand, but also how ultimately, one must also consider the other factors involved. Social media helps people organize and focus when there is no established organization and do so in a timely manner. This makes authoritarian governments worried as worldwide people will be able to protest and hold those in power accountable more frequently. As America enters the discussion of internet freedom globally, Clinton talks about the importance of creating safe search engines and servers in places like Iran. As important I would argue this is, I would agree with the article that private contracts can botch technology and create avenues for bellicose countries to trace back unwanted technology back to America. 

I’ve never thought before that once the idea was to get oppressed countries to have the freedoms to critique their authority in public, nowadays, that right is expected to be coupled with the freedom to tweet, facebook, or text these critiques as well safely. 

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